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Our Tumblr is all about good wives being bad, both in words and pictures. All pictures will be either those gathered from public internet sites dedicated to bad wives or our own pictures which we own. If we post any pictures that you believe should not be posted let us know and they will be removed. If you are offended by Adult themes DO NOT view our Tumblr. Please note, if you can't be bothered to create an AVI don't bother following us!

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"Come here, Big Boy"

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    On my way
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    She’s taken him deep, just for twenty seconds or so. Now she looks him in the eyes and sees what that meant to him.
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    WoOwwwwwwwwww Best Of LucK BAbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I Hope U Wel B Enjoy The Sharp DicK
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    Going camping with her is fun
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    Who is this beautiful women?
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    Yes I want to look, feel, lick , suck your clit , fuck and repeat
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    “Come here, Big Boy” Get that young cock nice and hard, My husband hasn’t touched it in months!
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