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OK guys, if given the choice, would you rather fuck a woman over forty or below 25?

You can’t choose 25 to 40. 

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    Under 25 definitely… Theyre more malleable, flexible, enduring, willing, & obedient. They aren’t full of preconceived...
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    Over 40. Over 50 over 60 any day. Maturity and experience.
  3. ilovecurvywomen said: Over 40…that experience is something that you just can’t get. Hopefully she’s still pretty good looking ;)
  4. mymptp said: Over 40. Absolutely. Two twenty year-olds are not the equal of one 40 year-old. Found that out before I was 15, god bless her.
  5. fadetoblack21 said: Love older woman they know what they want and they don’t need to be all in your shit.
  6. mccallfan38 said: I would go with the over 40. Something about a woman who is confident, capable and knows what she wants and is doing.
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    Over 40
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